Who will be assisting in implementing this professional development program?

The ESC TXLS facilitator is a “knowledgeable other” in the Lesson Study process,

  • serving as a resource for content-specific pedagogy, 
  • helping teachers find research-based instructional materials, and 
  • supporting teachers in implementing campus or district instructional priorities, such as a campus writing initiative.

The ESC provides two options for districts/campuses when implementing Texas Lesson Study.

Option 1: An ESC Facilitator co-facilitates and prepares a Lead Teacher(s) or Instructional Coach to lead subsequent groups independently.

Option 2: An ESC Facilitator trains a District/Campus Facilitator (e.g., instructional coach, principal) to lead the Texas Lesson Study program.

Lesson Study can also be implemented 

If you are not able to work with an ESC, visit the Lesson Study DIY page to learn how to do Lesson Study.